Huafeng Weiye Company Organizes Meeting of Democratic Life


  On the afternoon of April 14th, 2017, Huafeng Weiye Company organized meeting of democratic life to publicize the spirit of company’s 2017 party building and anti-corruption work meeting in the 1203 meeting room. The meeting was held by Mr. Peng Hong, Secretary of Huafeng Weiye Party Branch doubles as Vice President of the company, and attended by party members and head office managers.
  At the meeting, Mr. Peng led the attendees to seriously study the party building work report called “Integrate to the center, service the overall interests, play a role, and provide a strong guarantee for smooth completion of annual mission objectives’’ by Secretary Wang li, and the anti-corruption work report entitled strength the supervision of discipline, strictly govern the party and struggle to open up a new situation in the construction of honest and clean party in company by Mr. Sun Qili, Vice secretary of party committee, secretary of the commission for discipline inspection and the chairman of trade union. He required that we should follow the party and grasp party building with production and the party members should set example to others to promote the party works.
  After the meeting, all the attendees understood the content and spirit of the conference. Next, the company will further implement the conference spirit and make effort to make contribution to realizing parent company’s planning objectives.