Good News, Huafeng Weiye Company Wins Bid of Long-term O&M Project for Pakistan Haveli 1230MW Combined Cycle Gas-fired Power Station


  At local time April 17th, 2017, the owner of Pakistan Haveli 1230MW Combined Cycle Gas-fired Power Station, NPPMCL, signed and issued the 12-year long-term O&M contract’s letter of acceptance to Huafeng Weiye Company.
  The power station locates at Haveli Bahadur Shah, Punjab, Pakistan. The project has 2 sets of GTs, 2 boilers and 1 ST and its designed total output is 1230MW. The GTs are the 9H GTs made by GE and the boilers and ST are made by Alstom. The main fuel is gasified and liquefied natural gas and HSD is the backup fuel.
  During the tendering process, the OBD, OMD, Huafeng Weiye Company and Pakistan Haveli Project cooperated with each other, integrated the superior resources, defeated the competitors, and finally won the bid of the project.
  Winning the bid of the project shows the company’s advantage of EPCO complete industrial chain and makes the company to become the first company who has the O&M achievements for 9H GT in China, which is the milestone of enhancing the company’s O&M capability, improving the company’s influence in O&M market and promoting the company to further develop the O&M market in Pakistan and other countries.