Huafeng Weiye Company Achieves Level Four Permit for Electrical Installing, Maintenance and Testing


  In June of 2017, Huafeng Weiye Company passed the administrative license examination of the Level Four Permit for Electrical Facilities Installing, Maintenance and Testing and achieved the certificate. As the requirement of entering into the electrical installing, maintenance and testing market, achieving the permit means that the company can undertake the business of installing, maintenance and testing electrical facilities under 10KV and the company’s qualification strength goes up to a higher level.
  Achieving the permit is an important part of the annual company integrated planning. Under the company leaders’ arrangement, the QA&HSE Department lead other departments to prepare the materials, organized tests for electrical technician and safety supervisors, sorted out the tools and devices, organized safety training and prepared a serious materials of capital, personnel, organization and systems. Through the material acceptance, performance review and approval of Shandong Supervision Office, NEA, Huafeng Weiye Company was affirmed that it meets the requirement to be issued with the certificate.
  Achieving the permit provides guarantee to the company in the field of electrical installing, maintenance and testing, means that the company can undertake the electrical facilities construction, maintenance and testing projects, broadens the company’s business scope and also provides more market entering channels and resources to the company development.