Company Organizes 2017 2nd Project Management Training Class


  At 9:00 of August 15th, 2017, the opening ceremony of Huafeng Weiye Company 2017 2nd Project Management Training Class organized by the company and Management College of Ocean University of China was held at Center of International Academic Exchanges of Qingdao University. Mr. Wang Li, Secretary of SEPCOIII Party Committee, Vice President, Mr. Li Zhigang, Professor of Business Management Department of Management College of Ocean University of China, Mr. Ni Jiawei, President of Huafeng Weiye Company, Mr. Peng Hong, Secretary of Huafeng Weiye Party Branch, Vice President, the managers of the company’s headquarter departments and 18 project managers and key staffs attended the ceremony. Mr. Peng held the opening ceremony.
  Mr. Ni firstly introduced the objective of the training to the trainees and made requirements to them combining with the company reality as following: Firstly, be hungry for knowledge and improve our capability; Secondly, be good at thinking, change the single mode of thinking and endeavor to improve our abilities of thinking and communicating; Thirdly, do not be muddled, be clear of the principal contradiction and the focus of attention and try the best to solve the main problem within reasonable time; Fourthly, change the roles from simple execution to guiding and coordinating through the training and working practice; Fifthly, be decent, be careful to the work and surrounding environment, improve the EQ and the ability of coordination and communication; Sixthly, be the general and pay attention to talent cultivation; Seventhly, be the person who can mobilize the resources and solve problems independently; Eighthly, practice the knowledge into the works and influence other people.
  After that, Mr. Jiang Qilong, Manager of HR Department, announced the course arrangement and discipline to the trainees.
  At the end of the ceremony, Mr. Wang made the following requirements:
  The first, stand at the height of SEPCOIII, think and work comprehensively, strengthen the company culture construction, develop the iron army working style and advocate the concept of “happy work and happy life”; The second, the key personnel should pay attention to management capability cultivation, improve their leading and problem solving abilities and practice the knowledge into work; The third, depending on the company’s environment and operation team and management to improve the operation work; The fourth, pay attention to scientific management, improve the execution of systems and sense of management, reduce the cost and increase the profit margin; The fifth, the trainees should use the knowledge got from the training into practice and influence other staffs to create the studying atmosphere; The sixth, strengthen the political and ideological work and be honest.