Morocco Jerada O&M Project completes annual power generation task


At 24:00 on December 31, 2022, Morocco Jerada O&M Project completed 2.714 billion kilowatt-hours of power generation throughout the year, an increase of 27 million kilowatt-hours over the previous year, successfully completed annual power generation task and created a new high since the project was put into operation in 2017, which was highly recognized by the owner.
2022 is the first five-year O&M contract closing year of the project. According to the unified work deployment of the company, all staff of the project sticked to the front line and overcame all the difficulties. With the joint efforts of Chinese and foreign employees, the units was successfully completed, marking a complete end to the first five-year O&M contract unit overhaul. On December 18, in order to celebrate the successful completion of the first five-year O&M contract implementation period, the project organized a celebration. Mr. BERRAHU Kamal, the deputy manager of power plant, delivered a speech and expressed his gratitude for the hard work of SEPCOIII O&M team, and appreciation for the achievements of the O&M team, and fully affirmed the contribution of the power plant to the power and energy supply of Morocco. On December 28, Mr. FETIAN Nour Eddin, the head of ONEE, led a team to inspect the production site and highly valued the safety production management, reliable operation and the mental outlook of personnel of the project.
Next, all the project staff will continue to adhere to the Iron Army spirit, keep in mind the mission, and work hard to further reduce the unit energy consumption, improve the unit economic efficiency, and strive towards a higher goal while completing the power generation task.