Myanmar Thaketa O&M Project annual power generation reaches new high


Up to local time 5:00 on January 1, 2023, Myanmar Thaketa O&M achieved a total of 872.3 million kilowatt-hours of on-grid power generation, successfully completed the on-grid power generation task in 2022, exceeded the annual guaranteed power generation of 144.3 million kilowatt-hours specified in the O&M contract, and exceeded the on-grid power generation of 41.86 million kilowatt-hours compared with the same period in 2021, which created a new record of annual power generation.
On January 1, the owner and the project jointly held a celebration. The owner's representative presented an annual award to the project O&M team and awarded the 2022 Outstanding Contribution Award to the O&M team.
Myanmar Thaketa 110MW CCPP Project is an important energy project along the Belt and Road Initiative. It was put into operation in February 2018 and operated and maintained by Huafeng Weiye Company. Over the past five years, under the careful work of the O&M team, the project had successfully completed the annual power generation task for five consecutive years and repeatedly set new records of power generation, effectively improved the influence of the company's O&M brand in Myanmar, helped the company to successively undertake the O&M project in Kyaukpyu and the O&M guidance training project for the 160MW Solar PV Power Plant in central Myanmar, effectively promoted the company's O&M business to achieve regional and large-scale development in Myanmar.