Company Organizes Communication Meeting for 2017 New Staffs


  At 15:00 of August 15th, 2017, Huafeng Weiye Company organized the communication meeting for the new staffs of 2017 at 419 meeting room, building C. Mr. Ni Jiawei, President, Mr. Peng Hong, Secretary of Party Branch and Vice President, attended the meeting. Mr. Jiang Qilong, Manager of HR Department, held the meeting.
  At the meeting, every new staff made self-introduction. All the new staffs treasured the opportunity of communicating with the company leaders and talked about their training experience and how to work hard for the company very freely. Mr. Ni and Mr. Peng communicated with them and answered there questions about career development, work and study environment, language and so on.
  Mr. Ni welcomed the new staffs on behalf of the company and made the following requirements on work and study combining with his own experience:
  1. Be a respecting, honest, giving and capable person. Improve the communication skills, study the good experience from the old staffs and work hard to improve the work efficiency.
  2. Be responsible, help and cooperate with each other and cultivate the iron army spirit.
  3. Adjust the attitude, think independently and systematically and work and live with a correct attitude.
  4. The skills and capabilities are the foundation to career development. Prepare to have a rough time, be practical and study hard for the future.
  5. The technical authority is the real authority. Speak out with data, cultivate the insight and analysing ability, gain the speaking right and authority with technology and data.
  6. Knowledge is infinite. Be a modest person and the one is good at studying. Do not stop asking questions. Cultivate the ability of solving problems independently.
  7. Improve the safety awareness and remember it and can use it to protect our colleagues and ourselves.
  After that, Mr. Peng made the following requirements from the aspects of gratitude, team work, risk and dedicated.
  1. To learn to be inclusive and gratitude, thanks the company, thanks colleagues. Employees and enterprises are inseparable, enterprise development and staff development complement each other, enterprise development is inseparable from the staff, and the staff cannot be separated from the enterprise to provide the platform.
  2. There must be team awareness, learn to cooperate and adhere to, as soon as possible into the team, into the corporate culture, to enhance their own quality at the same time, for the development of the company to make due contributions.
  3. We must have the spirit of dedication, not only consider the request, and more to consider what the company to do, to in-depth line, to dare to endure hard, serious study business, do a technology will manage the talent.
  4. Be honest and trustworthy, establish a sense of law, follow the law and rules. Be clean.
  The meeting made the new staffs to understand more about the company, answered there doubts on work and study, promote their relationships, enhanced their confidence of the future and inspired their determination of making efforts. The new staffs showed their enthusiasm to making contribution to the company’s development.
  The meeting was ended successfully in a happy atmosphere.