Company completes performance test of Indonesia Bengkulu Power Plant


At the beginning of December, Huafeng Weiye Company completed performance test of Indonesia Bengkulu Power Plant.
The Bengkulu Project is the first thermal power investment project of Power China in Indonesia, the largest foreign investment project under construction in Bengkulu Province, the first thermal power project in Bengkulu Province, and even one of the 35000MW power planning projects of the Indonesian government. The performance testing team of Huafeng Weiye Company is responsible for the performance testing of two units in the Bengkulu Project, including the performance testing of boiler and steam turbine, combustion adjustment, air volume calibration, etc.
Since entering the site at the beginning of October, facing the complex foreign epidemic situation and urgent test nodes, the testing team studied the unit design data in depth, developed a test plan, completed a series of work such as load application, measurement point selection, instrument installation in a short time, worked hard to promote the test progress, rushed against the clock to put into the test work, and finally completed the basic performance test of two units in a month. Later, with the technical support of the headquarters, the team completed the combustion adjustment, air volume calibration, condensate flow calibration and other works of the unit, as well as the vibration test of two fans, and delivered a satisfactory result to the owner.