Company makes breakthroughs on financial management


Since 2022, under the guidance of the company's Financial Center, Huafeng Weiye has taken innovative measures to further promote the transformation of financial management, made full use of the advantages of the resource platform of Power China, strengthened the integration of business and finance, actively planned and promoted the construction of the group company's financing and credit platform, so as to further promote the improvement of the company's development quality and efficiency.
Recently, the work made a breakthrough. Huafeng Weiye Company took the lead in coordinating the owner, Shuifa Utilities Group Co., Ltd., to successfully register the financing and credit platform, and completed the first loan to Huafeng Weiye Company Shuangcheng Guofa Thermal Power O&M Project. The amount of commercial bills issued was more than 7 million yuan, and the discount cost of commercial bills was borne by the owner. The successful establishment of the platform created great favorable conditions for the future market project cooperation between the company and its member enterprises and Shuifa Company, and will play a positive role in promoting and ensuring the further promotion of the drop of the two funds and the cost reduction and efficiency increase.
While promoting the transformation of financial management and strengthening the integration of business and finance, the company organized the financial team to constantly strengthen communication and cooperation with relevant government departments, and timely grasp and strive for the national financial support policies for relevant industries. In 2022, the company accumulatively obtained various financial subsidies of more than 2.6 million yuan, reduced and exempted disability insurance of more than 300,000 yuan, and achieved great economic benefits.
At the same time, the Financial Department gave full play to the role of financial management, lead the production, technology and other forces, applied and successfully obtained the Qingdao Technological Innovation Center and Qingdao Innovative Model Enterprise in Service Industry, which has great significance to further enhance the company's brand image and market competitiveness, as well as to obtain more favorable fiscal and tax policies.