Myanmar Thaketa O&M Project carries out Firefighting Month activities


In order to implement the policy of fire protection, promote the construction of fire safety capacity, further strengthen the fire safety management of the project, and improve the fire safety quality of all personnel, recently, Myanmar Thaketa O&M Project carried out a series of Firefighting Month activities in depth.
At the beginning of the activity, the project made use of various meetings and software to publicize the activities by hanging banners and launching ceremony of Firefighting Month, learning Mr. Xi Jinping's Important Discussion on Emergency Management such as Safe Production, Disaster Prevention, Reduction and Relief, Fire Safety Knowledge, and watching the Emergency Education Film of Fire Self-rescue, which created a strong learning atmosphere.
In addition, the project organized and carried out the basic knowledge of fire prevention and disaster prevention safety and the skills competition for the use of fire equipment, the popularization test of firefighting knowledge and skills, and the special inspection of fire protection system facilities, which effectively improved the safety awareness of all employees, further strengthened the safety management of the fire protection system, and ensured the implementation of fire safety work.
The Firefighting Month activities further improved the fire safety awareness of all project staff, effectively improved the organization and coordination ability and emergency response ability of the project to deal with public emergencies, built a safe production defense line, and organized a safety guarantee network for the safety work of project units.