Company achieves success on ST generator synchronization in Hainan Refinery Power Center Commissioning Project


At 15:30 on November 14, 2022, Huafeng Weiye Company achieved success on steam turbine generator synchronization with all qualified parameters in Hainan Refinery Power Center Commissioning Project.
The project is the company’s first commissioning project in the field of refinery. In order to ensure that the work could be completed on time and efficiently, the project team made careful deployment and cooperated closely, and completed all previous work on time to prepare for the subsequent work. With the joint efforts of all staff, the project team has successively completed the turbine oil system commissioning, shaft seal system commissioning, ETS interlocking drive testing, DEH simulation testing, generator short circuit testing, generator no-load testing, generator false synchronization testing, and main throttle valve tightness testing of turbine governing valve. The project team's work spirit of unity and cooperation won high recognition of the owner. At 10:47 on November 14, the impulse starting of the turbine reached the rated speed of 6081 rpm; At 15:30, the generator was successfully started at one time and the unit was successfully connected to the grid at one time.
Next, the project team will persistent efforts with the Iron Army work style for the following tests and works to ensure the completion of the commissioning job.