Company Organizes Closing Ceremony of 2017 2nd Project Management Training Class


  At 15:00 of August 25th, 2017, the closing ceremony of Huafeng Weiye Company 2017 2nd Project Management Training Class was held at Center of International Academic Exchanges of Qingdao University. Mr. Peng Hong, Secretary of Huafeng Weiye Party Branch, Vice President, Mr. Shi Huaiwei, Vice President, Mr. Li Zhigang, Professor of Business Management Department of Management College of Ocean University of China, the managers of the company’s headquarter departments and 17 project managers and key staffs attended the ceremony. Mr. Jiang Qilong, Manager of HR Department, held the ceremony.
  Mr. Shi firstly congratulated the trainees on finishing the training and then required that firstly, plan first, plan together and set the target together; secondly, pursue the production and take responsibility to operation with reasonable allocation; thirdly, the managers should be tolerant, share the resources and experience with others and operate the project with the teams; fourthly, study harder especially the English; fifthly, keep healthy of both the body and the mental; sixthly, to do a good job from the technical to the management of the work of the transition to the struggle-oriented, human resources as the key link, scientific and rational integration of various resources.
  Subsequently, Mr. Peng led the attendees to study the 21 basic conditions of being a qualified leader and then required: first, the training so that we get to open a management idea of a "key" to open a thinking, learning, cognitive door, to learn the practical application of practical knowledge to work; the second, the backbone of the staff to take the lead in doing tolerance and gratitude, to have dedication, not only consider the request, both employees and enterprises are inseparable, enterprise development and staff development complement each other, the development of the project, Business development is inseparable from the staff, the same staff cannot be separated from the platform provided by enterprises; the third, focus on communication skills and skills, flexible and efficient communication skills in the management of coordination is an important guarantee, is an important cadre; the fourth, to establish a sense of discipline; the fifth, follow the low and be honest.
  The outstanding trainees were awarded with certificate at the meeting and the representative shared his experience about the training.