Company achieves success on steam blow of #4 boiler of BEWG Guangxi Guigang Phase III Waste-to-Energy Project


At 11:12 on November 11, 2022, Huafeng Weiye Company achieves success on steam blow of #4 boiler of Guangxi Guigang Phase III Waste-to-Energy Project, which means that the project moves into the final stretch for power generation.
The BEWG Guigang Phase III Waste-to-Energy Plant Subsystem Commissioning and Whole Set Startup Technical Service Project is a 600t/d project with 1×600t/d waste incineration line and 1×12MW condensing steam turbine generator set. The Power Research Center Division of the company is responsible for the subsystem commissioning, whole set startup, 72+24hs trial operation and the cooperation job of final acceptance of the project. The steam blow adopted the depressurization method for twice boiler shutdown cooling, and was carried out for the main gas pipeline, the turbine shaft seal of the desuperheating water pipeline, the heating pipeline from the first section of air extraction to the deaerator, and the heating pipeline of the air preheater.
In order to ensure the successful completion of the work, the division’s team, the owner, the supervisor and the construction contractor attached great importance to and fully deployed, efficiently completed various tests and prepared detailed plans. During the work, the team closely cooperated, monitored 24 hours a day, and comprehensively checked the safety and completeness of the system. With the joint efforts of all parties, the steam blow work of the project’s #4 boiler was completed successfully.
The project is the division’s first waste-to-energy commissioning project cooperated with BEWG, and it is also a successful attempt of the company to expand the Guangxi region and further develop the garbage incineration power generation market. Next, the project team will continue to adhere to the Iron Army work style, and work together to ensure the successful completion of the whole set startup work.