Kuwait Az-south O&M Project completes annual power generation task in advance


Up to November 2, 2022, the power generation of Kuwait Az-south O&M Project was 1.004 billion KWH, year-over-year increase in power generation of 6.18%, which means that the project completed the annual power generation task in advance.
Due to the small capacity of Kuwait's local power grid and the large changes in demand, the project's power generation equipment has been in frequent peak shaving state for a long time, with large changes in working conditions. Besides, it is hot and humid in summer, and the highest temperature and humidity can reach 52℃/99%, which puts forward high requirements for equipment reliability.
The project strictly implemented the decisions and arrangements of the Group and the Company, firmly established the concept of production management, adhered to the dual preventive working mechanism of risk hierarchical management and control and hidden danger investigation and management, maintained the high pressure situation of safety production, and adhered to a series of measures such as strengthening the safety of personnel and equipment, focusing on the management of two sheets and three systems, and promoting the rank examination of all staff. According to seasonal changes and load characteristics, the project paid close attention to the changes of unit parameters, strengthened equipment defect elimination maintenance and hidden danger troubleshooting, conducted targeted operation analysis on dangerous points and weak points of equipment, increased the number of inspections, carried out cold end management analysis, optimized tower pool dosing, rubber ball operation and other methods, focused on monitoring important equipment, eliminated hidden dangers in safe production, and further ensured the safe and stable operation of the unit, which effectively promoted the completion of annual goal ahead of schedule.
On the basis of completing the annual power generation task goal, the project will continue to focus on safety production, do a good job in safe production and stable operation of the units, and create contributions to further creating a new situation of high-quality development of the company.