Myanmar Thaketa O&M Project completes annual power generation task 58 days in advance


At 18:00 on November 3, 2022, Myanmar Thaketa O&M Project completed net power generation 728. 10109 million KWH and accomplished the annual power generation goal 58 days in advance. On November 7, the owner sent a letter to appreciate the O&M team for their good job.
Since this year, in the face of the severe epidemic prevention and control and security situation in Myanmar, the O&M team had been strictly implementing the epidemic prevention and control and security management requirements of the company, comprehensively built epidemic prevention and security barriers, and carried out high-quality O&M work on the basis of ensuring "no contact, no transmission and no infection" of on-site personnel, which ensured the safe production of the power plant effectively.
At the beginning of September, the unit should be shut down for maintenance as planned. However, due to the security situation in Myanmar and the national power shortage, the Ministry of Electricity and Energy of Myanmar significantly reduced the maintenance schedule time, requiring the O&M team to complete the unit maintenance task with high quality and efficiency when only half of the original schedule time. In this regard, the project overcame many unfavorable factors, such as severe epidemic prevention and control situation, political turmoil, few maintenance personnel, weak maintenance force, many key defect elimination items, high work intensity, and the inability of equipment manufacturers to arrive at the factory, and insisted on the premise of quality and efficiency, carried out fine layout planning from spare parts preparation, personnel organization, construction period plan, quality control, safety control and other aspects, and focused on production safety and quality assurance, finally finished the maintenance work including 18 standard items, 3 technical improvement items and 11 defect elimination items with high quality. The unit was operated stably after maintenance, and all data indicators were excellent. The O&M team’s efficient maintenance organization and implementation not only won the high praise of the owner and the Ministry of Electricity and Power of Myanmar, but also laid a solid foundation for the safe and stable operation of the units, ultimately helping the project to successfully complete the annual power generation task ahead of schedule.
Since the delivery of the project in 2018, the O&M team fully carried forward the Iron Army work style, completed the annual power generation task on schedule for five consecutive years and repeatedly set new records of power generation, which has effectively improved the company's brand image and social influence in the Myanmar power market. Next, the project’s O&M team will continue to earnestly implement the company's relevant work deployment, work together to tackle the key problems, and further strengthen and improve the internal operation management, pay close attention to on-site safety production and epidemic prevention and control, and contribute new strength to the company's high-quality development.