SA Ras Al Khair O&M Project organizes summing-up meeting for 2022 Summer Peak


On October 29, 2022, Saudi Arabia Ras Al Khair O&M Project organized a summing-up meeting for 2022 Summer Peak. The meeting summarized the implementation of Summer Peak and clarified the working concepts for the O&M contract of the next year.
The department heads reported their jobs about two sheets, drills and equipment hidden danger identification at the meeting and analyzed the problems and disadvantages and then made the work plan for the following jobs.
During the Summer Peak, the project strictly focused on the two sheets to standardize the operation behavior, focused on the inspection of the operation process, and a total of 1,978 PTWs and 1,588 operation orders were inspected, which further improved the implementation and the operation behavior of employees and ensured the personal and equipment safety of the project. The project carried out 9 heatstroke prevention training and 4 heatstroke first aid drills to promote actual combat. The first aid knowledge and skills of employees were improved through training and drills, and no heatstroke occurred during the Summer Peak. Strictly implement the troubleshooting and treatment of equipment hazards. According to the characteristics of the stage and in combination with previous experience, the project carried out 15 special inspections around the refrigeration station, air compressor room, fire pump room, key fire prevention areas, etc., found 131 problems, completed 130 rectifications, and took effective measures to ensure the safety of the equipment for the defects not eliminated due to the owner's spare parts. The fuel commissioning GT31 was successfully completed within only 7 days of shutdown, creating a record of the project. It also reflected on and summarized the existing problems, improved the maintenance plan, applied for spare parts in advance, and solved many problems such as large area pump tripping in the refrigeration station, frequent tripping in the air compressor room, high lubricating oil temperature and load reduction in the past. According to statistics, the project completed 10,808,271MW of power generation and 14,466,800T of steam supply.
At the end of the meeting, the project manager made work arrangements for the implementation of the O&M contract for the next year. Firstly, the project team should change their ideas and actively face the changes in the external environment. In the process of promoting localization, all departments should earnestly summarize experiences, improve the management system for foreign employees, speed up the training for foreign employees, and promote Saudi employees to integrate into team management to be competent for their jobs as soon as possible; Secondly, the project should strengthen confidence, strengthen the cohesion and combat effectiveness of the team, take "safety, operation and production" as the main line of work, continue to carry forward the diligent and pragmatic work style, complete the work objectives of the project, and maintain the SEPCOIII O&M brand.