Kuwait Az-South O&M Project completes maintenance work of draft cooling tower fan reduces


In October, after 4 months of unremitting efforts, Huafeng Weiye Company Kuwait Az-South O&M Project completed the maintenance work for the project’s 4 draft cooling tower fan reducers, which ensured the steadily operation of the unit and completing the Summer Peak task.
The towers of the project adopt seawater cooling circulation, and a total of 10 cooling fans are arranged. The Hansen reducers are arranged in the air duct at the top of the towers. The unit weight of the reducer is 1.5 tons, and the diameter of the fan blade is 11 meters. At the end of May, the 7# fan of the produced abnormal noise. After the shutdown checking, it was found that there was a problem with the high-speed bearing of the fan reducer. The bearing must be replaced, and the reducer must be disassembled to check the internal gear. In the face of the manufacturer's uncooperative attitude and high costs, the O&M team determined to tackle key problems and quickly organized discussion and research to determine the maintenance plan. Due to the harsh on-site maintenance environment, the water vapor humidity and salt fog of the ventilation tower are too high, the project transformed the mobile hydraulic hanger to replace the crane to transfer the reducer, and moved the reducer to the maintenance room for maintenance. After the maintenance was completed, abnormal noise occurred successively in the tower fans of #3, #2 and #9. After checking, it was found that the abnormal noise is caused by bevel gear beating. The first fan was not equipped with anti-reverse device., so when the fan is turned on, the fan is in reverse state, the instant starting torque is large, the gear is damaged, and the gear is damaged; The breathing valve chamber of the second reducer was not equipped with desiccant to filter water vapor, which causes air containing water vapor salt to enter the reducer, causing corrosion damage to the gear.
The O&M team acted quickly and arranged personnel to brake on site to prevent reverse rotation, filled desiccant to the breather, and the domestic agent processing plant was urgently contacted to confirm the parameters of the bevel gear and tooth plate. After 4-month hard work, from gear processing to arrival, the O&M team successfully completed the gear replacement, checking and trial operation of the three reducers. During the overhaul, the maintenance team made 3 sets of tools and instruments for disassembling the reducer, saved 8 crane shifts, and replaced the original manufacturer with a domestic agent factory, saving a total of more than 200,000 yuan, and saved a lot of time to ensure the unit operation during the Summer Peak.
Next, the project staff will continue to insist on the Iron Army wok style to complete all the O&M works with high quality, ensure the safe and steady operation of the units, and make contribution to the high-quality development of the company.