Haixi CSP Project O&M Team finishes regular checking for 25 pressure vessels


At 20:30 on October 21, 2022, the regular checking of 25 pressure vessels of Haixi CSP Project was finished and connected to grid with load, which means that the regular checking and maintenance works were completed 96hs in advance.
Golmud, where the Haixi CSP Project is located, has been under silent management since August 15 due to the epidemic. In order to strive for power generation, the owner requires that the regular checking should be completed within 10 days and that some maintenance tasks should be arranged during the regular checking. Faced with the impact of the epidemic, the time was tight and the task was heavy. In order to complete the regular checking and maintenance work with quality and quantity guaranteed, the O&M team overcame difficulties, organized the formulation of a thorough work plan, and formulated the checking and related equipment maintenance work plan with the owner.
In order to ensure the regular checking work, the project closely communicated with local governments to implement the epidemic prevention requirements. In order to ensure the construction period and the smooth work of the regular checking, the system shutdown, salt drainage, removal of insulation, pressure vessel and pipeline cooling, weld grinding and other works were all prepared in advance, and held special meeting for regular checking every day to determine the key work and plan. The O&M team made full use of this shutdown opportunity to do a good job of regular checking, and simultaneously completed the maintenance of the primary and secondary valves of the two-color water level gauge on the south side of the drum and the cleaning of salt deposits in the emergency smoke exhaust tank.
In the face of severe epidemic situation, in order to ensure the regular checking and maintenance work to be completed on time, the O&M team promoted the Iron Army work style, worked hard under pressure, made every effort to tackle the difficulties, and completed all the set goals and tasks 96hs ahead of time. The regular checking and maintenance work of pressure vessels were fully recognized and praised by the owner. Next, the O&M team of will continue to work under the leadership of the company, gather consensus, take on the important task, and do a good job in the O&M works of project units.