Myanmar Kyaukpyu Project achieves success on synchronization of #1 GT


At 17:17 of October 17, 2022, Huafeng Weiye Company achieved success on the first synchronization of #1 GT of Myanmar Kyaukpyu Combined Cycle Power Plant.
Myanmar Kyaukpyu Power Plant is the second O&M project of Huafeng Weiye Company in Myanmar. It is located on Kyaukpyu Island, Rakhine State, about 9 kilometers away from Kyaukpyu urban area. Power China Overseas Investment Group invested in the construction, which is an important fulcrum of the Belt and Road Initiative in Myanmar, and also an important construction area of the herringbone economic corridor between China and Myanmar.
The project overcame the influence of the rainy season, and all departments and specialties actively cooperated with the owner to figure out the site conditions, intervene in the on-site installation and commissioning, cooperated with the owner and the supervisor to collect and compile the statistics of installation quality defects, which was praised by the owner and laid a solid foundation for the formal operation after COD.
The project will fully carry forward the spirit of the Iron Army, give play to its management and technical advantages, strengthen the project construction organization, ensure the high-quality promotion of all work, build Kyaukpyu Project into a high-quality demonstration project, add new impetus to the construction of the Myanmar China Economic Corridor, and write a new chapter for the vigorous development of the company's overseas business!