Company’s commissioning team completes performance testing of Bali Project


On October 6, 2022, the commissioning team of Power Research Center Division of Huafeng Weiye Company completed the performance test before and after unit overhaul and excitation system test of #1 and #3 of CHD Bali Branch Company.
The Bali Power Plant is located in Bawang Village, Singaraja, Bali, Indonesia, with3×142MW coal-fired thermal power generating units in Phase I, which is the largest coal-fired thermal power generation project invested overseas by CHD so far. The performance testing team of Huafeng Weiye Company undertook the performance test before and after the overhaul and excitation system test of #1 and #3.
At the end of June, after receiving the admission notice, the team quickly went to the project. In the face of the complex foreign epidemic situation and urgent test nodes, the team made reasonable division of labor, overcame difficulties, continued to promote the test progress, and rushed into the testing work. Through three months of unremitting efforts, the team completed the pre maintenance and post maintenance test of #1and #3, excitation test of #3 and DCS performance test and configuration modification test with high quality, which was highly recognized by the owner.
In October, the company received a letter of thanks from the CHD Bali Branch Company. The successful completion of the performance testing is not only a high affirmation of the company's technical level, but also a solid foundation for the following cooperation between the two sides in the future. Next, the company will continue to strengthen talent training, give full play to the Iron Army work style, and carry out various business work with high quality, high standards and high requirements.