Success on energization of Pakistan Thar Project 500kV booster station and service system


In the small hours of October 13, 2022, Huafeng Weiye Company’s commissioning project achieved success on energization of Pakistan Thar Coal Field 2×660MW Power Plant 500kV booster station and service system.
In order to ensure the success of the energization job, the commissioning team overcame difficulties, planned ahead, actively coordinated and carefully deployed, 100% simulated practical operation, strictly checked the equipment status, and ensured that the operation was error free, which provided a strong guarantee for the on-time energization job.
With the command issued by the trial operation headquarters, the energization work was officially started. The power receiving scope includes the 500KV M3, TEL line, shutdown/maintenance transformer bay, 10KV for service, and GIS booster station and its affiliated equipment system. Under the witness of Pakistan Power Grid and Power Generation Company, all power receiving equipment and live buses were operated normally, all instrument, protection and control system signal indications were correct, and the energization job was successfully completed.
The successful energization laid a solid foundation for the following commissioning and trial operation works. Next, the commissioning team will continue to carry forward the Iron Army spirit, work together and make efforts, constantly promote the project construction, and strive to achieve the goals of synchronization and power generation as soon as possible.