Company Holds Opening Ceremony of 2017 Quality Month


  In order to implement the AQSIQ, the group company and SEPCOIII company’s requirements and improve the staffs’ quality awareness and the quality management level, Huafeng Weiye Company held the opening ceremony of 2017 Quality Month at 409 of building C on Sep 8th, 2017. The QAD, QCD, CSD and OMD were invited to the ceremony. Mr. Ni Jiawei, President of Huafeng Weiye Company, Mr. Peng Hong, Party Branch Secretary and Vice President, Mr. Lv Tao, Chief Engineer, the technical experts and department managers attended the ceremony. The SA Ras Al Khair O&M Project attended the ceremony via video link on behalf of the projects. Ms. Li Qingfen, Deputy Manager of QSE, held the ceremony.
  Mr. Ni made requirements to the organization of Quality Month and explained the importance of quality works combining with project cases and mentioned that ‘Technology is the real quality’. He required that all the parties should carefully organize the activity, improve the staffs’ quality awareness and enhance the company’s quality management level. After that, Mr. Lv presented the activity plan of 2017 Quality Month and introduced and arranged the relative works.
  The SA Ras Al Khair O&M Project made promise on behalf of the projects that they will carefully organize the activity in accordance with the company’s requirements, implement the activity and try to improve the projects’ quality management level.
  The QAD, QCD, CSD and OMD gave guidance and suggestions to the activity and project quality works and pointed that the parent company and subsidiary should be supplementary to each other on commissioning and O&M works and guarantee the project quality with enhancing technical quality and personnel quality together.
  Mr. Peng emphasized that quality is the foundation of company development, so we should completely implement the activity and improve all the staffs’ quality awareness especially in the project with fewer persons. He also said that the SA Ras Al Khair O&M Project should play the leading role and achieve real results on the work of improving project quality.
  All the attendees singed on the activity banner at the end of the ceremony and showed their determination to improving the quality awareness and the company’s quality management works.