Myanmar Thaketa O&M Project organizes emergency drill for anti-terrorism


In order to effectively prevent violent incidents, further enhance the safety awareness and emergency self-rescue ability of the staff, improve the staff's ability to respond, judge and correctly handle emergencies, and improve the risk avoidance ability of the project, Myanmar Thaketa O&M Project organized an emergency drill for anti-terrorism.
The drill adheres to the principle of "practice first, close to actual combat", and aims at rapid and decisive disposal. The drill simulated that the mobs hand tools to block the gate, ask us to stop production and participate in the activities against the government. After communication failed, they suddenly forced into the plant and, so the members of the emergency response team immediately started the emergency response mechanism and informed the staff in the office building and dormitory area to rescue themselves and evacuate to the exit of # 4 floor. The operators of the central control building quickly shut down the unit manually to save themselves and evacuate to the relay protection room. The police arrived in time to subdue the mob. With the efforts of all personnel, the fire parts were quickly extinguished, and the injured personnel were quickly and effectively treated. After the O&M personnel checked that the equipment was normal, they contacted the dispatcher to apply for unit startup.
The drill inspected the operability of the emergency plan of the project, improved the staff's ability to cooperate, respond quickly and professionally, and enhanced the staff's safety responsibility awareness and self and mutual rescue skills. Next, the project will further summarize the problems existing in the drill, constantly improve the emergency plan, and effectively ensure the normal operation of the project and the personal safety of the employees.