Company promoted trial operation work for Zhejiang Shengzhou Sludge Desiccation Incineration O&M Project


Recently, the trial operation work for Zhejiang Shengzhou 800T/d Sludge Desiccation Incineration Project of Huafeng Weiye Company has been promoting orderly,
The project is located in Yankeng Village, Xianyan Town, north of Shengzhou of Zhejiang Province. It is a supporting project of Shengxin Pioneer Sewage Treatment Co., Ltd. It uses the circulating fluidized bed to directly incinerate the sludge and centrally dispose the urban sewage and printing and dyeing wastewater treatment sludge within the scope of Shengzhou City.
The installed capacity of the project is two sludge incineration boilers with a daily sludge treatment capacity of 400 tons (converted into sludge with a moisture content of 80%). The evaporation capacity of the boilers is 16t/h. The flue gas of the incinerator is treated in the way of SNCR/SCR denitration and semi dry deacidification and activated carbon injection and bag filter and wet deacidification by using advanced process equipment. The emission index of flue gas pollutants is superior to the pollution control standard for domestic waste incineration, and several indicators meet or exceed the current international strictest waste incineration pollution control standard, EU 2010, and have a high level of cleaner production. The project uses incineration to generate heat energy and recycle it to recycle solid wastes, which has good environmental, social and economic benefits, and is conducive to realizing the "recycling, harmless and reduction" of regional wastewater and sludge treatment.
Aiming at the new business field, after winning the bid in August, Huafeng Weiye Company has organized the project team to gather strength and overcome difficulties, carry out trial operation, commissioning and transformation of equipment on the premise of ensuring safe production, so as to fully meet the requirements of EPC at all stages. In the next step, the company will work harder with rich experience and professional technology to ensure the efficient and stable progress of the project.