Myanmar Thaketa O&M Project organizes gas pipelines safety checking


In order to further ensure the safety work, implement the requirements of the Safety Supervision Meeting of Huafeng Weiye Company in September, cooperate with the autumn inspection and prevent the occurrence of gas safety production accidents, on October 7, 2022, Myanmar Thaketa O&M Project organized a major inspection on gas pipelines safety and thoroughly investigated the potential safety risks. 
The safety production inspection of gas pipeline mainly focuses on the safety use of gas in the upstream gas station, natural gas pipeline in the plant area and canteen. The electrical, I&C and maintenance personnel respectively inspected the static jumper wire and grounding wire of the gas pipelines, the pressure, temperature, flow and other meters along the pipelines, various regulating valves, the valve connections, and the connection of the gas hose in the canteen for leakage. After the inspection, the project leader made key requirements and deployment for project safety production as following.
The first is to tighten the "safety string". Attach great importance to the safe use of gas, enhance risk awareness, standardize operation procedures, and conduct regular inspection.
Secondly, quickly rectify and remedy the deficiencies. Clarify the rectification plan, define the time node, divide the division of responsibilities and assign the responsibilities to each personnel, and ensure that the hidden dangers are rectified in place.
The third, keep an eye on the details and draw inferences from one instance. The O&M personnel should strengthen the gas safety inspection, and comprehensively and thoroughly investigate and rectify various potential safety hazards.
In the next step, the project will further strengthen the inspection of natural gas pipelines, establish a regular system for the investigation and treatment of potential safety hazards, timely find and handle potential safety hazards of pipelines, and ensure the safe operation of pipelines.