Company completes 2022 new employees pre-job training


At 9:00 of Sep 28, 2022, the closing ceremony of Huafeng Weiye Company 2022 new employees pre-job training was held at 1208 meeting room of HTG Tower A. Mr. Peng Hong, the secretary of Huafeng Weiye Company Party Committee and the vice president, Mr. Li Shanggang, the deputy secretary of the Party committee and the secretary of discipline inspection commission, Mr. Li Biao, the management director and the manager of PTD and the general manager of TDD, the department managers and new employees attended the ceremony. Mr. Jiang Qilong, the HR manager, presided over the ceremony.
Mr. Jiang firstly summarized the training and asked the trainees to absorb knowledge inward and output results in their jobs in the future, so as to convert theoretical knowledge into a powerful driving force and apply it to practical work.
Mr. Peng Hong put forward three requirements and expectations combining the training and future work for the development of the new employees.
The first is to actively adapt to the enterprise and accelerate the role change. Firm ideals and beliefs, insist on being realistic and pragmatic, recognize and clear the gap between ideals and reality, adapt to the working environment, abide by the company's rules and regulations, and let ideals find their home in reality.
Secondly, the attitude determines the height. Be diligent, practical and hardworking, down-to-earth to learn knowledge and gain experience and move forward bravely.
The third is to establish the direction of life with firm ideals and beliefs, play the melody of youth with a broad mind and pattern, overcome difficulties with the fortitude character, stand on the front line with the growth momentum, and see through the essence of events with dialectical thinking.
Mr. Zhao Shunli, the representative of training lecture, and Mr. Yu Jingjiu, the representative of 2022 new employees, made speeches subsequently.
Talent is an important strategic resource for the development of an enterprise. It is an important part of Huafeng Weiye Company's management work to continuously gather and continuously cultivate high-quality talents, enhance the competitiveness of the enterprise, and improve the overall quality and professional level of the talents. It is also the basic guarantee for building a first-class commissioning and O&M team. The training course is of great significance for the new employees to go to work and their personal career development. During the 45-day training, the trainees were further familiar with the company's culture, system, functions, and mastered the basic professional contents, so as to facilitate the trainees to do a good job from students to employees, from classrooms to positions, from campus to society, and from domestic to foreign as soon as possible.