Morocco Jerada O&M Project completes 2022 C class maintenance work


At local time 13:02 of Sep 27, 2022, Morocco Jerada 1×350MW Coal-fired Unit successfully synchronized after C class maintenance, which means the project’s first 5-year O&M contract unit maintenance work was completed.
Affected by local electricity demand, the original plan was changed from A class maintenance to C class maintenance, and the unit was shut on September 10 for minor maintenance. The maintenance has a short period with heavy tasks involving 227 maintenance items and 45 testing items. In order to ensure the successful completion of the maintenance tasks, the project strictly controlled the safety, quality and progress, and the management personnel and technical backbones went to the front line, stayed on site, and provided real-time guidance, paid close attention to the node, overcame difficulties, and advanced the maintenance work in an orderly manner. After the joint efforts of all the parties, the project completed major maintenance work and carried out preventive inspection and evaluation of important equipment, and successfully completed the system and equipment commissioning after the maintenance, completed the tests advancing construction period 2 days earlier than the original plan, laid a foundation for reducing the workload of A class maintenance and targeted equipment inspections for the next year, and provided a strong guarantee for the realization of the annual power generation target.
The maintenance work is the third time conducted independently since the outbreak of the epidemic. Under the influence of the epidemic and the acceleration of localization, the number of on-site Chinese employees gradually decreased, and foreign employees had become the main force of the work. The project took the maintenance work as an opportunity, and based on the key work of the startup and shutdown and maintenance of the unit, to promoted training by hard work and strengthened team building, further improved the skill level of foreign employees, and promoted the harmonious relationship between Chinese and Moroccan employees.
Next, all the project staff will continue to carry forward the Iron Army Spirit, keep the mission in mind, ensure the safe, stable, long-term and efficient operation of the unit, try to successfully complete the first five-year O&M contract and hand a satisfactory answer sheet to the company and the owner.