Enshi Waste-to-energy Commissioning Project achieves success on grid-connection


At 12:13 of Sep 17, 2022, Huafeng Weiye Company Enshi 2×600t/d Waste-to-energy Commissioning Project achieved success on grid-connection with all qualified parameters, which built firm foundation for the following jobs.
In order to ensure the completion of the grid connection work on time, the commissioning team from the Power Research Center Division of Huafeng Weiye Company insisted on institutionalization, standardization, refinement of operations, overcame difficulties such as short construction period and heavy tasks, and always worked on the project site to check in detail according to the conditions, reasonably arranged the test process, and strictly inspected various indicators and parameters of the unit. With the joint efforts of the team, at 11:40 on Sep 17, the steam turbine rushed to the rated speed of 3000 rpm; at 12:13, the generator was successfully started at one time, and the unit was successfully connected to the grid.
The Enshi 2×600t/d Waste-to-energy Project is the company’s first project cooperated with Shenzhen Dynagreen, and the success on grid-connection has significant meaning. Next, the project staff will further develop the Iron Army work style, devote more enthusiasm to the follow-up work, complete various tasks according to the work plans, and complete the commissioning work for the power plant.