Morocco Jerada O&M Project organizes kick-off meeting for 2022 C class maintenance


On the morning of Sep 9, 2022, Morocco Jerada O&M Project organized a kick-off meeting for the 2022 annual unit C class Maintenance. Mr. Shi Huaiwei, the vice president of Huafeng Weiye Company, the project leaders and key personnel attended the meeting.
At the meeting, the Technical and Business Department publicized and implemented the overall planning plan, organizational system and management requirements for the unit maintenance. The Safety and Environmental Protection Department emphasized the safety work during the maintenance period. The other related departments made statements. The project leadership made arrangements for the maintenance in terms of construction period, quality and safety.
Mr. Shi Huaiwei made the following requirements for the maintenance job.
The first is to strengthen on-site technical supervision. The personnel should go to the site and provide real-time guidance. All departments should work together to strengthen the role of supervision and coordination to ensure that the entire maintenance process could be controllable.
The second is to ensure the safety of C class maintenance. Standardize the operation behavior, strictly implement the rules and standards for the test work before the shutdown, do all the work strictly and practically, and implement the principle of "protecting people, equipment, and progress" in the whole process of maintenance.
The third is to grasp the progress. The total construction period of the work is 20 days. The maintenance plan period should be strictly implemented, and the safety, quality, progress, scientific management and reasonable allocation should be coordinated.
The fourth, do a good job of training for the on-site foreign staff. Take the maintenance work as an opportunity to promote training with and further improve the professional skills of foreign employees.
The fifth, strengthen publicity and reporting. Carry out publicity work around maintenance highlights, work trends, Chinese and foreign employees, to show the vigorous and progressive spirit of the company's O&M team, to demonstrate social responsibility, and to further enhance social image.
Affected by the epidemic, the domestic professional maintenance team could not reach the site. The maintenance work faced difficulties and challenges such as few personnel, weak maintenance force, and many key shortage elimination projects. Next, the project will require all personnel on site to unify their thinking, based on independent maintenance, carry forward the fine tradition of the Iron Army, and strictly follow the maintenance plan, try to complete the job with high quality and efficiency, lay a solid foundation for the safe and stable operation of the subsequent units, and submit a satisfactory answer sheet to the company and the owner.