Company’s 1st GT O&M Pre-job Training for New Staffs


  On September 5th, 2017, the opening ceremony of the 1st GT O&M Pre-job Training for New Staffs organized by the company and Weifang Yijie Occupational Training School was held at the function room of Shandong Industrial Technician College. Mr. Peng Hong, Party Branch Secretary and Vice President, Mr. Han Dukui, President of the College, Mr. Liu Guilin, Vice President of the College, Mr. Chen Ting, Deputy Chief Engineer and Manager of Project Management Department, Mr. Jiang Qilong, Manager of HR Department, the trainees, the teachers and students from the training school attended the ceremony.
  At the ceremony, Mr. Peng introduced the development process and achievements to all the trainees, elaborated the company's corporate culture and corporate vision, requiring students to take 6 weeks to seriously study the principles of the scene, the system and operating procedures and other skills Knowledge, strengthen English learning, as soon as possible from the students to the staff changes, as soon as possible to grow into a high-quality, multi-skilled business employees.
  President Han made a presentation and request to the new students that he hopes that they will be able to study their professional knowledge, high standards and strict requirements during the pre-service training courses.
  Gas turbine personnel pre-job training courses, the company is to further strengthen the operation and maintenance personnel team strength, good reserve talent echelon reserve, and Weifang Yijie Occupational Training School jointly organized training courses. The first batch of 35 students was from the training school recruited graduates, the graduates are training schools and Shandong Industrial Technician College orientation training.
  In order to ensure the effectiveness of training, the company organized the project management department and other departments to deploy the backbone of the professional, combined with the actual situation and the staff to prepare training materials, and arrange the technical staff to teach in Weifang. Training courses cover electrical, boiler and other six major professional, and will be interspersed with corporate culture, security, case training. The training will last for nearly two months, after the training, 35 new people will be assigned to the foreign project department, for the company's operation and maintenance business to grow into the fresh blood.