Kuwait Az-South O&M Project carries out fire risk emergency management and control work


In order to further improve the fire prevention and emergency response capability of the project personnel in high temperature weather, strictly implement the special fire risk rectification work of Huafeng Weiye Company, and ensure that all safety measures are in place, Kuwait Az-South O&M Project carried out fire risk emergency management and control work.
On July 30, the project organized fire warning education, watched fire accident videos together, and explained the classification and use of fire equipment. The project personnel deeply realized the importance of fire safety, and effectively improved the fire prevention awareness and firefighting skills.
On July 31 and August 7, the project conducted a special inspection of on-site fire risks to comprehensively investigate safety risks, focusing on inspections of flammable materials, firefighting equipment inspections, and oil leakage treatment in the production area, which eliminated potential safety hazards in time and effectively built the firewalls for on-site fire safety.
On August 24, the project organized training and practical exercises on the use of firefighting equipment. Through the on-site demonstration of the operating procedures of firefighting equipment and carrying out practical operation drills, the awareness of fire prevention of the personnel has been deepened, and the ability to deal with problems in emergency situations has been improved.
The continuous publicity and study of fire emergency knowledge and on-site fire hazard investigation provides a reliable guarantee for the normal operation of the unit, and the safety production situation of the project is stable. As of August, the power generation capacity of the project was 2,027,599MWh.