Iraq Salah Al-din Commissioning and Trial Operation Project #2 is connected to the grid


At local time 4:17 of August 27, 2022, Huafeng Weiye Company Iraq Salah Al-din 2×630MW Commissioning and Trial Operation Project #2 was connected to the grid with all well parameters.
In order to ensure the smooth startup of #2, the project made overall coordination, careful deployment, scientific planning, and reasonable arrangements to conduct detailed inspections of the conditions. During the startup of the whole set, all majors strictly followed the whole set startup plans, scientifically arranged tests, operated in strict accordance with the operation rules and PTW, and strengthened the inspection of all parts of the unit. At the same time, strengthened the supervision of all units, eliminated the defects found in time, and ensured that the #2 could be successfully rotated and connected to the grid. The project team faced the scorching sun, rushed the working period, overcame difficulties such as serious aging of equipment, and completed the startup preparation of #2 with high quality. On August 25, the boiler was ignited. At 14:26 of August 26, the turbine speed reached 3000r/m, and at 4:17 of August 27, the unit was connected to the grid to generate electric power.
Next, the project will wok harder for epidemic prevention and control and safe production, complete the loading test and full-load test, and build firm foundation for handing over the units.