Enshi Waste-to-Energy Power Plant Project achieves success on #1 and #2 boiler pipe blowing


At 11:12 of August 19, 2022, Huafeng Weiye Company Power Research Center Division Enshi 2×600t/d Waste-to-Energy Power Plant Commissioning Project achieved success on pipe blowing of #1 and #2 boiler, which means that the project moves into the final stretch for putting into operation.
The Enshi Project is the first waste-to-energy power plant commissioning project of the Power Research Center Division of Huafeng Weiye Company cooperating with Hubei Enshi Dynagreen Company and a great success of the division to develop the business.
The project is a 1200t/d plant with two 600t/d garbage incineration lines. It uses municipal solid waste as fuel, adopts advanced, reliable and mature waste incineration technology and equipment for processing, to realize the harmlessness, reduction and resource utilization of municipal solid waste. The division is mainly responsible for the commissioning of subsystems of the whole plant, the whole set startup 72+24-hour trial operation and the coordination of the completion and acceptance of the project.
With the joint efforts of the owner, the supervision unit and the construction unit, the division organized and coordinated closely, divided the responsibilities, and strictly reviewed, and continuously optimized the boiler steam pipe blowing commissioning plan of the unit. During the blowing period, the staff of the project monitored the system 24-7, comprehensively checked the safety and completeness of the system, tested the water quality on duty, tracked and supervised the improvement of the system, eliminated defects, and built a strong line of safety work. With the joint efforts of all parties, the task of pipe blowing had been successfully completed, marking the successful completion of a major milestone in the boiler installation, and the project fully entered the final stretch of commissioning and power generation.
Next, the division will further develop the Iron Army spirit and work harder to ensure the completion of the whole set startup work.