Company wins 3 waste-to-energy power plant commissioning projects


In accordance with the company's strategic requirements of "going all out to become better, stronger and bigger in the domestic market", the Power Research Center Division of Huafeng Weiye Company focused on the field of domestic waste-to-energy power generation and commissioning, successfully won the bids of the commissioning project of 2×600t/d Waste-to-energy Power Plant Phase II of Wuhan Dynagreen Renewable Energy Co., Ltd. and the commissioning project of 600t/d Waste-to-energy Power Plant of Guigang Waste-to-energy Power Plant Phase III, after winning the commissioning project of 2×600t/d Waste-to-energy Power Plant of Hubei Enshi Dynagreen Renewable Energy Co., Ltd., relying on its well market reputation, professional technical force and advanced equipment.
The Enshi Waste-to-energy Power Plant Commissioning Project is the first garbage power commissioning project of the company cooperating with Shenzhen Dynagreen Environmental Protection Group Co., Ltd. and a successful attempt of the company’s division developing and expanding business. The project is a 1200t/d power plant with two 600t/d waste incineration production lines. The commissioning team is responsible for the subsystem commissioning, whole set startup 72+24 hours trial operation and the cooperation of project completion acceptance. At present, the pipe blowing of #1 and #2 boiler has been finished, and the team is working hard to promote the subsequent whole set startup work.
The Wuhan Xinghuo Power Plant Phase II Project is the second project cooperating with Dynagreen, which shows the recognition of the owner to the division’s commissioning capability and work quality. The project is a 1200t/d plant with two 600t/d stoker-fired boiler waste incineration lines, 1×30MW condensing steam turbine generator set, which can process 438,000 tons of domestic waste annually. The division’s team is mainly responsible for the subsystem commissioning and whole set startup work of the whole plant.
Guigang Phase III Project is the first waste-to-energy project of the company in Guangxi. The project is located in Daxu Town, Gangbei District, Guigang, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, with a daily waste treatment capacity of 600t/d and a 12MW condensing steam turbine generator set. The team is mainly responsible for the commissioning of subsystems, the whole set startup work and the coordination of project completion acceptance.
Next, the company will take this as the driving force, organize the division to do the commissioning work of the projects, continue to increase external market development efforts, seize market opportunities, and continue to develop domestic commissioning, O&M and performance testing and other market areas.