Morocco Jerada O&M Project operates unit safely and stably for 300 days


Up to 0:00 of August 18, 2022, Morocco Jerada 1×350MW Coal-fired Power Generation Unit had been operating safely for 300 days after the C repair on October of 2021, with the average load rate of 97%, which laid a solid foundation for the successful completion of the first five-year O&M contract and provided strong support for the negotiation of the next five-year O&M contract.
As an important member of Morocco's electricity market, Jerada Power Plant is of great significance to ensuring a safe and stable power supply across the country. Under the strong leadership of the company, in accordance with the company's unified work deployment requirements, all the staff of the project adhered to the front line, scientifically coordinated the promotion of epidemic prevention and control and operation and production, and worked together to overcome the difficulties and created favorable conditions for the safe and stable operation for the unit.
Since June 2022, the project took multiple measures to deal with the continuous high temperature, strictly implemented the efficient operation of air-cooled island spraying and various energy-saving and consumption-reducing measures. During the peak season of electricity consumption, it guarantees the Moroccan people's daily electricity consumption and industrial production electricity consumption, which was highly recognized by the owners and the power grid.
The long-term operation of the unit is a huge test for the O&M ability and equipment maintenance management. The project strictly implemented the safety work responsibility system for personnel at all levels, conscientiously implemented the company's decisions on safety work, refined safety responsibilities, strengthened on-site operation control, strictly implemented the operation systems, and dynamically adjusted coal loading and combustion methods, paid attention to safety supervision during operation and maintenance, improved the ability of operators to deal with emergencies, ensured safe and stable combustion and normal environmental protection parameters and the safety work within a controllable range . At the same time, increased the strength of equipment defect investigation and elimination, rationally arranged elimination work, continuously improved the elimination rate and the timely rate of defect processing, prevented the occurrence of repetitive defects, and eliminated the problems affecting power and safety, developed preventive measures for defects that cannot be eliminated temporarily to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the unit.
All staff of the project will continue to adhere to the Iron Army spirit, actively implement the company's various systems and measures, strictly implement safety responsibilities, strengthen risk management and control, maintain a safe and stable operation, and ensure the safety of project personnel and equipment, to complete production and operation tasks, reduce unit energy consumption, improve economic efficiency, and contribute to promoting the company's quality and efficiency improvement.