Company organizes pre-job training for the new employees of 2022


At 9:00 of August 15, 2022, Huafeng Weiye Company organized a pre-job training for the new employees of 2022. Mr. Ni Jiawei, the president and deputy secretary of Huafeng Weiye Company Party Committee, Mr. Sun Haitao, the vice president and chief engineer, Mr. Li Biao, the director of company management and the manager of Production and Technology Dept., and department managers and project managers and the new employees attended the opening ceremony. Mr. Jiang Qilong, the HR manager, presided over the ceremony.
Mr. Li firstly carried out the mobilization of the training, and explained the background and objectives of the training in detail, required the new employees to fully understand the content of production and safety management, and establish a systematic way of thinking to enter the working state more quickly. Mr. Jiang introduced the course arrangement, study discipline, epidemic prevention regulations and safety requirements of the training, and announced the composition and responsibilities of the class committee of the training.
Mr. Ni introduced the company's spirit of the training for new employees, combined with his own growth experience and the company's talent development needs, emphasized the importance and necessity of the training, and asked the new employees to do the following:
The first is to correctly understand the importance of the training and cherish the opportunities. It is necessary to understand the company in an all-round way, clarify job responsibilities, and be familiar with professional skills, so as to realize the transition from school to workplace and from students to employees as soon as possible.
The second is to listen carefully to the course and have the courage to communicate with each other. Improve mutual understanding and mutual recognition, familiarize themselves with various departments in the headquarters, strengthen communication with experts in the headquarters, systematically master theoretical knowledge, and lay the foundation for the future work.
The third is to actively study across majors and fields. While mastering the professional knowledge, they must have the awareness of actively mastering more knowledge, actively learn knowledge of different majors and different fields, broaden knowledge, increase knowledge reserve, and improve overall quality and ability.
Fourth, make friends and reserve resources. Make full use of the headquarters' human resources, technical resources, expert resources, actively connect and learn from each other, and quickly apply knowledge and skills to practice.
The fifth is to have big dreams and aspirations. The company firmly believes that there will always be places for talents. All new employees should give full play to their energy in their future jobs, realize their ideals and ambitions as soon as possible, and contribute to the development of the company.
The training was held for implementing the arrangement and deployment of the parent company's special training for new employees, and was held in conjunction with the company’s annual training plan. The planned training time is 45 days, and a total of 41 new employees participated in the training. According to the epidemic prevention and control requirements of the company, Huafeng Weiye Company had set up a training and health management working group after careful planning, formulated training registration, epidemic prevention management, epidemic prevention emergency and other contingency plans in epidemic prevention and control during the training period.
In order to ensure the development of the training, Huafeng Weiye Company had invested a lot of teachers. From the arrangement of courses to the preparation of lesson plans and training organizations, careful planning has been carried out, focusing on professional knowledge of safety production and simulation practice. With comprehensive management knowledge as a supplement, the new employees could further understand the company management, improve cultural identity, enhance professional quality, familiarize themselves with on-site knowledge and norms, accelerate role change, grow into talents as soon as possible, and prepare for subsequent entry into the work.