Huafeng Weiye Company Organized a Special Meeting to Learn about the Spirit of the Staff Congregation


  On the morning of February 7, 2018, Huafeng Weiye Company organized a special meeting in the conference room on the 16th floor of A building to learn about the spirit of the staff congregation. The meeting was presided by Peng Hong, the party branch secretary of Huafeng Weiye Company. Directors above the middle level, staff members and party members in Qingdao attended the meeting.
  At the meeting, Peng firstly led everyone to learn about the work report of General Manager Wang Lujun, "Focusing on Market Forging Management Team Upgrading Ability and Striving for the Full Completion of 2018 Targets and Tasks", so as to make everybody have a deeper understanding of the company's business development.
  Subsequently, Combined with the work report of General Manager Wang Lujun and the actual situation Huafeng Weiye Company, Peng described the facing development situation,the big market environment and 2018 development ideas, He also analyzed of the company's development goals and prioritized in the new year work tasks. Peng stressed that it is need to clarify the work thought, seize the work focus, follow the pace of corporate development and reform concepts, establish a large marketing pattern and systematically study business structure. Standing on EPCO whole industry chain height, we would deepen the adjustment management mechanism and contribute more strength to ensure the smooth implementation of EPC projects, and we would unswervingly promote the company's business to a new level.
  Finally, according to the agenda of the meeting, Peng organized everyone to learn "Deeply Study and Implement the Spirit of 19th CPC National Congress Reports." from Wang Li, the party branch secretary of SEPCOIII.