Qinghai Gonghe Yuyuan CSP O&M Project organizes fire safety training and emergency drill


In order to further improve the ability of fighting against sudden fire accidents and prevent and self-rescue of the project employees, inspect the operation and effect of fire protection equipment and facilities of the project, and improve the ability to handle fire emergencies of the project, on August 9, Qinghai Gonghe CSP Project and the Xining Fire Protection Publicity Center organized a fire safety training and emergency drill. More than 20 people including project owners, leaders, department heads, and O&M personnel participated in the activities.
The activity was divided into two parts: fire protection knowledge explanation and emergency drill. The main purpose is to strengthen employees' knowledge of fire protection, improve employees' ability to deal with fire emergency, and test the reliability of fire alarm facilities. Based on the characteristics of the project, Officer Li of the Fire Protection Publicity Center explained the knowledge including fire protection knowledge, first aid knowledge, self-rescue in fire scene, group evacuation, fire rescue, emergency organization, and organized participants to carry out simulated firefighting and evacuation drills.
After the drill, Mr. Hou Bin, General Manager of the Northwest Business Division, summed up the training and drill, and asked the project employees to investigate potential fire hazards within their positions, so as to truly achieve prevention first and combining with fire prevention.
Through the fire safety training and emergency drill, the project employees have further strengthened their fire safety awareness, learned about fire safety knowledge, familiarized themselves with fire rescue procedures, and improved their ability to respond to emergencies. At the same time, it has played a strong role in promoting emergency command, coordination and handling capabilities, and laid a solid foundation for the safety work of the project in the future.