Bangladesh SS Power I Project Commissioning and Trial-operation Team organizes a joint fire drill


According to the arrangement of Special Rectification of Fire Risks of Huafeng Weiye Company, on August 3, the commissioning and trial-operation team of the Bangladesh SS Power I Project organized a joint fire drill in the fuel tank area under the guidance of the HSE department of the EPC project.
The drill was based on the principle of "safety first, prevention first, personal protection and equipment reporting", and followed the guiding principle. Its main purpose is to evaluate the loopholes and defects in the emergency plan and execution procedures, to test the understanding and practical operation skills of emergency personnel on the fire emergency plan and execution procedures, to test whether the emergency responsibilities of each department are clear, and whether the emergency response capability meets the requirements.
Before the drill, the HSE Department firstly carried out firefighting knowledge and equipment use training, and explained in detail the different using methods and precautions of various types of firefighting equipment to the participants. During the drill, the participants responded quickly and had a clear division of labor. All departments coordinated and responded positively and successfully completed the fire drill. 
After the drill, Mr. Zhang Changjie, the manager of the commissioning and trial-operation project, summed up the drill process, and required the employees to be vigilant about fire hazards at all times, make accident predictions, and strengthen the investigation of fire hazards.
The drill has refined and implemented the safety emergency work responsibilities of the departments, further improved the fire safety awareness of project personnel and the practical operation skills of fire protection facilities, and laid a solid protection foundation for the project's safe work with a "firewall".