Company organizes fire risk special rectification work


In order to implement the work requirements of the group company and the company, ensure that the safety work situation is stable and improving, and protect the safety of employees' lives and property, from July to August of 2022, Huafeng Weiye Company organized the departments and business divisions and projects to carry out fire risk special rectification work.
The work mainly includes three parts: strengthening the implementation of major fire risk prevention and resolution measures, strengthening fire safety education and training and emergency drills, in-depth fire risk investigation and elimination of hidden dangers.
On July 30 and 31, the Kuwait Az-South Project organized fire warning education and special inspection. The project organized staff to watch the video of the fire accident, further deepened the fire prevention awareness of on-site employees, and effectively improved emergency response capabilities. The project leaders and heads of departments organized 2 on-site fire risk special inspections, mainly checked whether there is flammability in the waste heat boiler area, the feed pump room area, the main steam turbine workshop area, the chemical laboratory and the AHU fan in the electric control building, whether inspections were carried out on materials and fire-fighting equipment and whether the oil leakage treatment of the oil system was timely, 8 problems were investigated, and 8 rectifications have been completed.
On August 3, the Morocco Jerada Project organized a special fire risk investigation and rectification work at the production site and living area. Focus on the inspection of fire safety hazards in key fire prevention parts such as the furnace fuel system, power distribution rooms, fire water system, hydrogen storage station, booster station, oil pump room, oil product area on the production site, checked circuit switches and storage management of liquefied gas tanks. A total of 5 problems were investigated, requiring immediate rectification and acceptance work to form closed-loop management.
On August 3, Saudi Yanbu Phase III Project organized a special investigation and rectification of fire risks at the production site. The inspection work was led by the manager of the project, with the participation of the management and professional workers and safety management personnel, focusing on the inspection of the unit oil system, light/heavy oil tank farm, hydrogen production station and fire protection system.
On August 3, SS Project in Bangladesh conducted a joint fire drill in the fuel tank area. Under the strong guidance of the HSE department of the EPC project, the drill was based on the drill principles and checked whether the emergency responsibilities of each department are clear and whether the emergency response capabilities meet the requirements. During the drill, the participating employees responded quickly, the division of labor was clear, and the departments coordinated and responded positively, and the fire drill was successfully completed.
In this special rectification work, all the departments, divisions and projects further realized the necessity of carrying out special rectification of fire risks, strengthened the consciousness of preventing and resolving major risks and hidden dangers, identified prominent risks and weak links, established a long-term mechanism, which has laid a solid foundation for the company's safety work