SA Ras Al Khair O&M Project completes fuel commissioning work of the whole plant


At 22:05 of July 27, 2022, Saudi Arabia Ras Al Khair O&M Project successfully completed the fuel commissioning and reliability testing for GT31 with all the 12 gas turbines, which means the finishing touches of the project were completed. The vice president of SWCC congratulated the project on its 6-year outstanding jobs of finishing the fuel commissioning of 12 gas turbines of Ras Al Khair Project.
Under the leadership of the company, the O&M team of the project firmly established the awareness of EPCO industry chain, and went all out for the O&M works to ensure the safe and stable operation of the unit, scientifically planned, overcame the difficulties, successfully completed the black start commissioning, the final works of the booster station and fuel commissioning. Since the outbreak of the epidemic, the team overcame the unfavorable factors such as the mobilization of manufacturers and the continuous reduction of on-site personnel, comprehensively considered and coordinated production tasks such as power supply and steam supply of the power plant, formulated scientific and reasonable production plans and fuel commissioning plans, and continuously optimized commissioning procedures, successfully completed the annual load plan with excellent production indicators and internal KPI assessment indicators of SWCC, showed the excellent ability of the SEPCOIII O&M team to the owner, and won unanimous praise from the executives and the on-site personnel of the owner side.
Next, the project will continue to carry forward the Iron Army spirit, combine training technical personnel with strengthening the industry chain awareness of project management personnel together, improve industrial chain management, adhere to both epidemic prevention and control and production and operation, take multiple measures to ensure the safe and stable operation of the unit, ensure the high-standard performance of the project, lay a solid foundation for the smooth development of the on-site follow-up O&M work and the O&M contract in the later stage, and strive to build the Ras Al Khair project into a O&M benchmark project in the Middle East.