Myanmar Kyaukpyu Project O&M Team organizes professional skill training


Currently, the O&M team of Huafeng Weiye Company has successively entered the Myanmar Kyaukpyu Project as planned, and has made every effort to carry out various O&M preparation jobs. At the same time, the team made full use of after-shift time to organize the professional skills training combining with the characteristics of the unit and the needs of O&M jobs, in order to improve the professional skills of operators, and strive to lay a solid foundation for the subsequent O&M works and ensure the safe and stable operation of the unit.
Aiming at the training, the O&M team specially formulated the Training Management System, established a class committee, determined the class teacher and teams, and formulated a detailed training plan according to the progress of the on-site works. The whole training process adopts the method of "everyone is the lecturer". The content covers all majors in production, and mainly focuses on the basic principles, main parameters, monitoring points and operation precautions of the equipment, including chemical seawater, dual water sources of lake water, variable frequency operation of auxiliary equipment and black start. During the day, the operators went to the site to find system diagrams, consulted professional materials, and prepared courseware. In the evening, according to the plan, the lecturers explained the mastered systems. By asking and learning from each other, everyone deepened their understanding of daily equipment and operations, and truly made up for shortcomings and strengths. At the same time, in order to consolidate the teaching results, the key content of on-site learning was randomly selected, and examinations were regularly organized, so as to ensure the training effective. Up to now, a total of 100 people has participated into the training, and all the personnel of the Operation Department have participated in the training as a lecturer.
Next, the O&M team will take the training as a long-term key work, timely adjust the training focus according to the progress of on-site work, organize various learning activities, and strive to improve the overall level of centralized control operation, in order to better serve the owners, cultivate a reserve army with excellent quality for the high-quality development of the company's overseas O&M business.