Deepen benchmarking promotion activity, build world class enterprise


In order to implement the decision and deployment about benchmarking promotion of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council and further implement the parent company’s deployment about world-class enterprise management benchmarking activity, Huafeng Weiye adheres to policy and strategic guidance, driven by innovation, supported by and reform, continues to strengthen the modernization of management systems and management capabilities, and has achieved rapid progress and breakthroughs in all the related works. Recently, the company organized a meeting on results sharing and exchange of world-class enterprise benchmarking in the 16F meeting room. Mr. Ni Jiawei, the president of Huafeng Weiye Company, presided over the meeting, and Mr. Peng Hong, the secretary of the Party committee and the vice president, and the department managers attended the meeting.
The departments spoke in turn, exchanged their experiences and results, and proposed reforms for 7 outstanding issues of "organizational structure optimization and adjustment, strategic management awareness, management system improvement, discipline inspection and supervision, financial management, strengthening risk prevention awareness, and operation management", and supervised and implemented them one by one. During the specific implementation process, the departments strengthened organizational guarantees, refined action plans, consolidated work responsibilities, coordinated with the three-year action work for the reform of state-owned enterprises, promoted with high standards, high strength, and high density, and achieved staged results.
Mr. Ni said that next, the company will focus on the fundamental goal of building the world-class enterprise, seize the opportunity of benchmarking promotion activity, coordinate the dimensions of value strategy, management structure, organizational process and mechanism construction, and comprehensively promote the management model innovation and ability improvement of the whole system, the whole chain and the whole process, establish an executable, evaluable, measurable, and propagable characteristic management system and work standards, push management upgrades to a new level of digitalization and intelligence, and continuously improve the ability and level of enterprise value creation.