Company signs the O&M agreement for Myanmar Kyaukpyu Power Plant


On July 8, 2022, Huafeng Weiye Company signed the O&M agreement for Myanmar Kyaukpyu CCPP Project with Myanmar Branch Company of Power China SEPCO1 Electric Power Construction Co., Ltd., which means that the Myanmar Kyaukpyu O&M Project moved into execution phase.
Myanmar Kyaukpyu CCPP Project is located in the northwest of Kyaukpyu Island in western Myanmar. Its installed capacity is 135MW, the annual utilization hour is expected to be 7,519 hours, and the power generation capacity is 1 billion kilowatts. The project is an important part of the Belt and Road Initiative. After the project is completed, it will greatly alleviate the local power shortage problem, improve the living standards of the local people, accelerate the construction of the Kyaukphyu Port Industrial Park, and promote the enhanced cooperation between China and Myanmar.
At present, the O&M personnel have entered the site as planned, and the on-site works are being prepared and implemented. All the departments have preliminarily prepared various systems, diagrams, procedures, PTWs, safety signs, etc. The production personnel went to the site to get known of the equipment and carry out technical training based on the O&M requirements, in order to make adequate preparations for taking over the commercial operation of the unit.
As the second O&M project in Myanmar of Huafeng Weiye Company following after Thaketa O&M Project, signing the O&M agreement has great significance to further enhance the influence of the company's O&M brand in Myanmar. Next, the company will strictly follow the agreement, standardize the O&M service process and system, provide standardized and systematic O&M solutions, improve the efficiency of the equipment system, ensure the investment income of the owners, and continue to strive to expand the company's O&M brand influence.