Success on boiler blowing and targeting of Hainan Refining and Chemical Company Power Center Commissioning Project


At 3:00 of June 6, 2022, after 20-day boiler steam blowing for the Power Center Commissioning Project of SINOPEC Hainan Refining and Chemical Co., Ltd., the ultra-high-pressure steam main pipe and the high-pressure steam main pipe were successfully targeted and meet the standards of the pipe blowing guideline.
During the commissioning process, the project commissioning team adhered to institutionalization, standardization and refinement of operations, fully carried forward the Iron Army spirit, overcame terrible environments, emphasized on safe production, strictly controlled quality, and kept personnel allocation, coordination, and equipment trial operation in an orderly manner, successfully completed the steam blowing job of the boiler pipeline with high quality and high efficiency. During the period, the excellent technical level and rigorous work attitude won the recognition and praise of the Party A and the owner, SINOPEC Hainan Refining and Chemical Co., Ltd.
The successful completion of the boiler steam blowing provided favorable conditions for the follow-up pipe network cleaning of the project, but also laid a foundation for the smooth development of the follow-up commissioning work and the realization of trial operation on September 30. Next, the commissioning team will continue to carry forward the good work style and spirit, and work harder to successfully complete the commissioning jobs of the steam turbines and generators.