Myanmar Thaketa O&M Project organizes emergency drill for electric shock on aloft work


In order to further strengthen the safety work of the project and implement the main responsibility of the project on safety work, according to the monthly arrangement of the project safety activities, on June 23, Myanmar Thaketa O&M Project organized an emergency drill for electric shock when doing aloft work.
The drill was arranged in groups according to the emergency plan, focusing on information reporting, emergency disposal and transfer, accident investigation and other links. It simulated that the maintenance personnel have completed the maintenance of the electric hoist at the closed cooling water pump of the gas turbine, and accidentally got electric shock and fell to the ground, suffered head injuries and was in critical condition. After the accident, the project immediately launched the emergency response plan, and the emergency teams rushed to the site for emergency rescue and emergency disposal. The rescue teams cooperated closely, the rescue activities were carried out in an orderly manner, and the accident was handled satisfactorily.
After the drill, the deputy chief engineer of the project commented on the drill, made a summary of the division of responsibilities, emergency response speed, emergency response procedures and measures, and cooperation among various departments during the drill, and required that all the departments should cooperate with each other, check each other's omissions and fill the gaps to achieve the expected effect.
The emergency drill enhanced the employees' understanding of accident injuries and emergency handling procedures, improved their proficiency in dealing with sudden situations of electric shock when doing aloft work, and was conducive to further improving the project’s emergency response capabilities.