Myanmar Thaketa O&M Project organizes safety training and knowledge contest for foreign employees


In order to further promote localization work, effectively strengthen safety work, education, training and publicity work of Myanmar employees, and improve the safety assurance capability and core competitiveness of the project, on June 14, 2022, Myanmar Thaketa O&M Project organized first aid knowledge and safety training and knowledge contest for Myanmar employees.
During the training, the project safety engineer gave a detailed explanation of the safety knowledge of Myanmar employees about positive pressure breathing apparatus, CPR, Heimlich first aid, trauma first aid, and five-point seat belts. The participating employees listened carefully and actively participated in the practical interaction.
Subsequently, the project organized a safety knowledge contest. The deputy chief engineer of the project, and the heads of the Operation Department and the Technical and Business Department were members of the contest arbitration group. Four teams from the Operation Department and the Technical and Business Department participated in the contest. The contest was divided into three parts: required questions, common questions, and risk questions. The contest covered the basic knowledge of power safety work regulations, two tickets, labor protection, and actual production site. The participants were full of energy and actively participated, and the competition process was intense and lively.
After the activity, the deputy chief engineer summed up the activity and put forward the following requirements in combination with the on-site work of the project.
Firstly, in the closing year of the three-year special rectification of safety work, the project should continue to promote the inspection of safety risks and hidden dangers and the construction of a dual prevention mechanism for investigation and governance to further implement the hierarchical risk management and control.
The second is that the safety and technical training of the project should continue to focus on Myanmar employees, continue to strengthen the safety production knowledge training of them, improve safety production awareness, and effectively take up work responsibilities to relieve the pressure of project personnel.
The activity further enhanced the safety awareness and emergency handling capabilities of Myanmar employees, provided a strong guarantee for the safe work of the project, and laid a solid foundation for ensuring the continuous and stable situation of the project's safe production.