Iraq Salah Al-din Commissioning and Trial Operation Project completes 30-day reliable operation for #1


At local time 8:00 of June 19, 2022, Huafeng Weiye Company Iraq Salah Al-din Commissioning and Trial Operation Project completed the 30-day reliable operation work for #1.
The reliable operation test was started from May 20 and ended at June 19, lasting 30 days. During the operation period, the indicators were excellent, the personnel were operating in a standardized manner, and the unit was running smoothly, which demonstrated the excellent technical level of the commissioning and trail operation team, and won the recognition and praise from both the CMEC project and the Iraqi owner.
Since the unit startup on May 12, under the leadership of the project leaders, the commissioning and trial operation team has adhered to institutionalized, standardized and refined operations, actively carried forward the Iron Army style, overcame tough environments, emphasized on safety work, strictly controlled the quality, got united and made overall arrangements, and finally completed the 30-day reliable operation of #1 in a safe, high-quality and efficient manner.
Putting the unit into operation has great economic and social benefits for Iraqi power grid to meet the Summer Peak, relieve power consumption and ensure residential electricity consumption. Next, all the staff of the project will continue to carry forward the Iron Army work style, overcome all the difficulties, and continue to work hard for the successful completion of the trial operation of #2.