Company organizes popularizing-law training


In order to further promote enterprise compliance management, strengthen employees' concept of operating and acting according to law, and assist the company's high-quality and sustainable development, on the afternoon of June 14, 2022, Huafeng Weiye Company invited Mr. Zhao Zhenfei, members of the Judgment Committee of Laoshan District Court and the president of the Civil Trial Division, came to the company to give a lecture on Civil Code. Mr. Sun Haitao, the vice president and chief engineer, Mr. Jiang Qilong, the manager of HR Department, and employees of various departments participated in the training, and relevant personnel of the company's Legal Affairs Department participated in the activity.
At the meeting, Mr. Sun briefly introduced the general situation of Huafeng Weiye Company to Mr. Zhao and expressed a warm welcome. Afterwards, Mr. Zhao reviewed the legislative history, elaborated on the system and important provisions of the Civil Code, analyzed typical cases in depth, and compared and analyzed the highlights, focusing on the positioning, background, general situation, basic principles, and significance of the Civil Code. The training strengthened employees' awareness of the rule of law, expanded their legal knowledge, and has guiding significance for the correct understanding, proficiency and accurate application of the Civil Code.
Huafeng Weiye Company has been implementing the requirements of the group company and the company on the integrated implementation of the "legal and compliant operation" comprehensive governance special action and the requirements of Compliance Management Strengthening Year, and carried out compliance management work in an all-round and multi-level manner. The training is an organic supplement to the compliance management work, which helps to continuously improve the compliance operation and management mechanism, and lays a solid foundation for promoting the comprehensive improvement of the compliance management level.