Myanmar Thaketa O&M Project organizes the kick-off meeting of 2022 Safety Work Month


In order to implement the relevant requirements of the company, in early June, 2022, Myanmar Thaketa O&M Project held the kick-off meeting of Safety Work Month, and representatives of the owner and departments of the project participated in the activity.
At the kick-off meeting, the project O&M team and the owner jointly studied Mr. Xi Jinping's important expositions on safety work, and watched the propaganda video, and then the project’s HSE Department communicated and deployed the activity plan of Safety Work Month. 
Afterwards, Mr. Zhao Jin, the chairman of the owner side, made a concluding speech, thanking the project commissioning and trial operation team for their efforts in successfully completing various safety production tasks and indicators, and ensuring the safe and stable development of the power plant, and pointed out that all personnel should continue to improve safety awareness and always be tight on safety in order to complete various safety production tasks, and ensure the project’s safety work.
Finally, the owner's representative and all the staff of the project signed on the meeting, which is the curtain-raiser to the safety production month activity. Next, the project will continue to organize a series of activities such as education and training, case warning, hidden danger investigation, and safety knowledge popularization, to further enhance the safety awareness of all employees, improve the safety quality of them, and promote the sustainable and stable development of the project’s safety production situation.